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Undergraduate Students

 Undergraduate Units Offered by the Centre for Ancient Cultures

The Centre for Ancient Cultures is the home at Monash for the study of the Ancient Mediterranean. Our undergraduate major and minor  degrees in Archaeology incorporate information from archaeology, history, classics, anthropology, art history, landscape studies, archaeozoology and archaeobotany to create a broad and deep view of the ancient world.  We study a range of topics including economic, political, and social structures; religion and myth; art and architecture;  and gender roles and inequalities.  We offer units focusing on themes such as gender, empire, colonisation, and myth as well as concentrations in specific geographic areas (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, and Rome) and time periods spanning some 3,000 years from the Bronze Age to the fall of the Roman Empire. 

We furnish students with investigative, analytic and interpretational methods and techniques to ensure that they acquire the practical skills in written and oral presentation that are necessary to complete their undergraduate degree and to compete in the job marketplace when they graduate. 

No previous study of archaeology or ancient history is required to commence a major or minor sequence in ancient cultures at Monash.

Undergraduate Units

Undergraduate Resources

Listed below are some general resources for historical studies students.