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Postgraduate Programs – Ancient Cultures

The principal aim of Ancient Cultures is to expand students’ engagement, through detailed research, with the culture and history of key civilisations of the ancient Mediterranean, including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece and Rome. We encourage students to explore and consider the various means by which the ancient past can be approached through a combination of textual sources and material culture, and the ways in which it is both constructed and deconstructed.

We offer the only program in Victoria and one of only two in Australia that provides supervision of research degrees in Egyptology, especially Egyptian archaeology from the Predynastic to early Christian Period. We also offers supervision in aspects of the classical world, the Near East and regions extending to the Indian sub-continent.

Postgraduate study can be undertaken by research or a combination of research and coursework. Students are supported by a process of induction, training in methodology and theoretical approaches, and supervised project design. Regular seminars are held by staff, students and visiting academics. All postgraduate students are given the opportunity to participate in fieldwork on one of the centre’s various projects.

Completed Students:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Bowen, Gillian
(1998) The Spread of Christianity in Egypt in Light of Recent Discoveries from Ancient Kellis

Stevens, Anna
(2002) A Study of the Material Evidence for Non-State Religion at Amarna

Eccleston, Mark
(2006) Technological and Social Aspects of High-Temperature Industries in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt, during the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods

Warfe, Ashten
(2008) A Study of the Pottery from Early and Mid-Holocene Sites in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt

Hubschmann, Caroline
(2009) The Oases of the Western Desert of Egypt during the Third Intermediate and Late Periods

Kucera, Paul
(2010) The Roman Military Presence in the Western Desert of Egypt

Suelzle, Ben
(2010) Hierakonpolis and Qustul

Healey, Emmeline
(2012) Akhenaten and the Armed Forces

Gill, James
(2014) The Western Desert of Egypt during the Ptolemaic Period: A View from Dakhleh Oasis

Stewart, David
(2015) The Myth of Osiris in the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts: A Study in Narrative Myth

Masters (MA)

Dunsmore, Amanda
(1997) The Predynastic and Early Dynastic Collection in the National Gallery of Victoria

Hay, Louise
(1999) The Egyptian Army from the Predynastic Period until the End of the Old Kingdom

Naylor, Gregory
(1999) Trade between Egypt and Cyprus from the Late Second Intermediate Period to the End of the XVIIIth Dynasty

Ross, Andrew
(2002) Oils and Related Materials in Egyptian Rituals and Private Use during the Roman Period

Scorgie, Séamus
(2003) The Political Situation in the Western Oases of Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period, with Special Reference to Dakhleh Oasis

Long, Richard
(2007) Egypt’s Western Desert during the New Kingdom

O’Brien, Lainie
(2007) Aspects of Kingship in the Reign of Thutmose III

Kremler, Joy
(2008) The Origin and Development of Frog Amulets and Figures in Ancient Egypt and their Relationship to the Goddess Heqet

Pettman, Amy
(2008) Ain el-Gazzareen: New Insight into the Old Kingdom Egyptian Presence in the Dakhleh Oasis

Ogdin, Amy
(2009) The Rose in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt

Cox, Jess
(2010) The Rise and Fall of the City of Gold: An Analysis of the Chronology and Economic Complexity of the Predynastic Cemeteries of Naqada, Egypt

Getson, Jan
(2010) The Self and the Other: Iconography and Ethnicity in Early Egypt

James, Daniel
(2010) Stepping  from Winkler’s Shadow: An Analysis of the Supposed Female Anthropomorphs in the Rock-art of the Dakhleh Oasis Region in the Egyptian Western Desert

Woodfield, Louise
(2012) The Veneration of Isis at Kellis in the Roman Period

Younger, Alice
(2014) The West-East-Oriented Cemeteries of Egypt: A Contextual Approach to Religious Identity

Pecher, Yvonne
(2014) The Funerary Cartonnage from Kellis in the Dakhleh Oasis

Petkov, Johanna
(2015) Child Burials in New Kingdom Egypt – a Gurob Case Study


Current Students:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Cox, Jessica
Craft Specialisation in Predynastic Egypt: The Production and Distribution of Decorated Pottery (D-Ware)

Garland, David
Power and Production in Ptolemaic Egypt

Hamilton, Caleb
Egyptian Foreign Interactions during the Early Dynastic Period and Early Old Kingdom: Dynasties I-IV 

Jay, William
Characterisation of Pigments, Glass and Wall Paintings from Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt 

Livingstone, Rosanne
Dress and Identity: The Evidence from Kellis

Long,  Richard
The Third Intermediate Period in the Western Desert of Egypt

Mawdsley, Lisa
The Practice of Burial at the Naqada III Cemetery of Tarkhan 

McLardy, Kate
Women’s Festivals in the Hellenistic Period: An Interdisciplinary Analysis

Pettman, Amy
The Date and Nature of Old Kingdom Activity in Egypt’s Western Desert

Rindi, Carlo

Aspects  of Regional Tradition in the Burial Practices at Ismant El-Kharab (Ancient Kellis – Dakhleh Oasis) in the Graeco-Roman Period

Turner, Aimee
Livia and the Literature of Instruction for Women

Masters (MA)

Dixon, Rebecca
The Relationship of the Frontier: Exploring the Interaction between the Egyptian Inhabitants of the Fortress of Uronarti and the Local C-Group Population

Ibrahim, Stuart
Anthedon Revisited: A Re-examination of Petrie’s Excavation of Tell el-Zuweyid 

Ordynat, Iryna
Egyptian Predynastic Human Figurines: Chronology, Typology and Function

Ricketts, Sarah
The Lithic Assemblage from Mut al-Kharab: Evidence for Sheikh Muftah and Old Kingdom Activity in Dakhleh Oasis