Honours Coordinator

Honours Supervision

The Honours Program involves intensive advanced study combining coursework with a research project, or dissertation, in which the student engages in independent research on an approved topic under the supervision of a member of academic staff. 

Ancient Cultures offers supervision in a number of Research areas focusing on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the region around the Mediterranean. Research areas include Persia, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, the Levant, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  Research in other related areas may also be considered if staff agree to supervise. 

Dissertation topics should be discussed by interview with the Honours Coordinator (see above).

Combined Honours

This Program offers the opportunity for students to undertake 4th year honours courses which can combine study with other disciplines in our School and Faculty with permission & advice from the  Honours Coordinator.


The Centre for Ancient Cultures awards, at its discretion, the following prizes for achievement at Honours level:

The Peter Bicknell Memorial Prize for the best Honours thesis:

Description: Prize for the best Honours dissertation in Ancient Cultures. All dissertations are considered for the prize and are judged by two staff members

The Rosemary Cromby Prize for the best honours essay or series of essays:

Description: Prize for the best essay in a Level Four coursework unit. Open to all Level 4 students enrolled in an Honours degree, on the nomination of their tutor. Essays are judged by two staff members.

These awards are based upon the actual marks allocated to the relevant pieces of work and all work presented in any particular year is automatically considered so no application to be considered is necessary.

Prize amount: $100