Deir Abu Metta and Muzawwaqa, Dakhleh Oasis

deir-abu-mettaArchaeological investigation of these early Christian sites commenced on 27th December 2007 and ended 5th January 2008. They were directed by Dr. Gillian E. Bowen of Monash University.

The first report on the fieldwork conducted in 2008 (submitted to the Supreme Council of Antiquities) is presented here:

A second field season at the settlement of Deir Abu Metta took place between 24th December 2009 and 6th January 2010. The earliest phase of occupation of the settlement is dated to the 4th century CE, while the church is probably 5th century and was operational into the 6th century.

For reports of other investigations in Dakhleh Oasis please see the Annual Reports provided on the Dakhleh Oasis Project web post.