Welcome to the Centre for Ancient Cultures

The principal aim of the Centre for Ancient Cultures is to expand students’ awareness and knowledge of the culture, history and legacy of key civilisations of the ancient Mediterranean, especially Egypt.

Given the determining influence of the ancient Mediterranean world on western culture at many levels, all participants in our courses are encouraged and urged to relate their studies within the Centre for Ancient Cultures to those that they undertake elsewhere in the faculty.

Studies of the ancient world and its riches contribute like few others to broader, more holistic perspectives.

We believe that effective teaching involves drawing students into a dialogue about the nature and purpose of their learning and into critical debate about the knowledge they are expected to gain. Through studying the past students are calculated to develop the sense that problems can be examined dispassionately and that the transitory can be distinguished from the permanent. Such realisation will enable them to assess the present more critically and more wisely.


We aim to furnish students with the investigative, analytic and interpretational methods and techniques appropriate to their area of study.

In non-language subjects, students are encouraged to question texts and other evidential material and consider the methods by which answers may be sought.

Particular attention is paid to different methodologies, and why their assumptions, approaches and preoccupations have changed over time.

In seeking to equip students with a sound methodological perspective, we aim to ensure they acquire the practical skills that are necessary to complete their undergraduate work requirements.

Students are expected to develop skills, all important in the job marketplace, of clear expression, discrimination, and accuracy in their written and oral presentations.

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