All abstracts for ALAA 2016 and ALS 2016 are available through our dedicated portal in Monash’s figshare repository.

We encourage conference presenters to add materials to this collection: slides, handouts, original data, draft papers. This is an example where material has been added to the abstract. Instructions on how to use figshare follow; if you encounter problems please contact Simon Musgrave

Submit your papers, abstracts, posters, presentations, and more to figshare 

Make your conference items openly available and get credit at the same time! Upload any data relevant to the conference – papers, abstracts, posters, presentations, images, drawings, and more – to the 2016 ALAA/ALS Linguistics Conferences figshare portal.

If you belong to Monash University, visit to upload your items. Simply add the keyword ALAA2016 or ALS2016 to your item and we’ll pull it into the portal for you.

If you are not part of Monash University, you can upload your data at, adding the keyword ALAA2016 or ALS2016 to your item.

Not sure what to upload? Take a look at the examples below for inspiration!