ALAA Call For Papers


ALAA_halfsizeApplied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) Conference 2016 


5 – 7 December 2016

Making Connections

Call for Papers
Deadline for Submission: June 30th, 2016

Abstracts are invited for presentations at the 2016 Conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia (ALAA) to be held at the Caulfield campus, Monash University, Melbourne, 5-7 December 2016.  The conference theme is ‘Making Connections’: across languages, disciplines, or theoretical perspectives, and between theory and practice, society and language and people.

We are pleased to announce that day 3 of the conference (Wednesday 7 December) will be a common day held in conjunction with the 2016 Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) annual conference, with joint plenaries and presentations.

Confirmed plenary speakers for the ALAA conference are:
Asif Agha (University of Pennsylvania) (Joint ALAA/ALS plenary)
Rod Gardner (University of Queensland)
Ilana Mushin (University of Queensland)
Howard Nicholas (La Trobe University)
Ema Ushioda (University of Warwick)

We invite proposals for papers, themed sessions, and three minute thesis presentations on topics including, but not limited to the following:

  • Assessment/testing
  • English as an International Language/World Englishes
  • Interpreting and Translation
  • Language acquisition & learning
  • Language and society
  • Language in academic contexts
  • Language in the workplace
  • Language teaching
  • Language planning and policy
  • Literacy
  • Multilingualism/translanguaging
  • Teacher education



Papers are 15-20 minute lecture-style presentations followed by 10 minutes for questions/responses. Your abstract should be no more than 300 words plus no more than 2-3 key references if desired.

Themed and collaborative sessions

1 ½ hour timeslot.  We invite proposals for panel sessions, colloquia, workshops, panel discussions, or other innovative sessions, with no less than 3 presenters.

  • Proposals for collaborative sessions such as panel discussions and workshops must include the names of all presenters, and should consist of an abstract no longer than 500 words, including details outlining how the session will be organised, plus no more than 3-4 key references if desired.
  • Proposals for themed (panel) sessions (typically comprised of 3 related single papers) must include the names of all presenters, and should consist of a panel title and abstracts for up to 3 presenters of no longer than 300 words each, plus no more than 2-3 key references if desired per presenter.
Lightening Plenary Presentations plus ‘poster’ talk: work in progress and practical reports

As an alternative to the traditional ‘poster’ sessions, we will be scheduling plenary sessions each day before lunch for brief (3 minute) presentations about work in progress, completed projects, or practical innovations (research methodologies, pedagogic interventions and innovations etc.) Presenters will then be invited to be available during lunch, with or without a ‘poster’, to further discuss their work with those interested. 

Presentations are strictly limited to three minutes and may be supported by presentation software if desired. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words plus no more than 2-3 key references if desired.

Key Dates

Submissions deadline for all abstracts: June 30th, 2016.

Acceptances notified: Early August 2016 (please note that acceptance is conditional until at least one of the named authors registers for the conference).

Preparing and submitting your abstract

Document format: Word (.doc or .docx) required.

Font size: 12 point Times New Roman

Margins: 2 cm margins on all sides.

All abstracts must be submitted via the online submission form on the conference website:

The Word document with the abstract (which will be sent to reviewers) must have the filename “ALAA2016” and should contain the following:

  • Title of paper
  • Abstract. (See notes above for instructions about word limits and form of abstracts for themed/collaborative sessions)
  • 3-5 keywords


Conditions of submission

For papers, at least one presenter needs to register for the conference in order for presentations to be included in the program. For other types of sessions, the majority of presenters/contributors must register.

Each presenter/contributor may be listed as a participant in a maximum of two sessions of any kind, and may submit a maximum of one abstract as first author.

Submissions may be rejected if they do not conform to submission guidelines.

Assessment of abstracts

Abstracts will be blind-reviewed by at least two independent experts selected by strand convenors.

Reviewers will be asked to assess abstracts using the following criteria:

  1. Does the abstract provide evidence that the paper/session will have a clear line of argument and/or that the paper/session will have a clear and specific focus?
  2. Does the abstract situate its problem/issue in a wider context (theoretical and/or empirical and/or practical) including relevant literature, and does it demonstrate how this problem is significant for Applied Linguistic enquiry?
  3. Does the abstract make clear how the analysis will be grounded? Will this grounding be theoretical, empirical or practical or some combination of these?
  4. If the paper/session is to be focussed on research, does the abstract include a brief but revealing description of the methodology used to examine the issue/problem?
  5. Does the proposed session appear to be feasible in the time allowed?
  6. Is the abstract clear and well written?

Enquiries can be sent to

Please do not submit your abstract via email. See above for abstract submission requirements.