Yisroel Shtern Project

The Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation of Monash University in Melbourne is proud to announce that the Yisroel Shtern Project, whose development it has supported, is now available at http://www.yisroelshtern.org .

Shtern was regarded as one of Yiddish Warsaw’s most significant poets before the War. Thanks to the generosity of a number of gifted translators in Australia and America, much of his poetry and some of his most important prose has now become available in English. His very first publication “Shrayt in der Nakht” reappears in Yiddish for the first time since 1919, together with a translation by Miriam Koral. In addition, thanks to prize-winning translator Jon Levitow, we can present Shtern’s remarkable essay “Crowns to Adorn the Head of Yiddish Criticism”. Levitow’s own critical essay about “Crowns” is also on the site, as is his translation of Shtern’s most famous poem, “Springtime in the Hospital”.

Further English translations of poetry (translators: Z. S. Berger, Miriam Leberstein and Arnie Goldman) and essays (translators: Beni Gothajner and Renata Singer) will be appearing in coming months.

The site now carries, in Yiddish, essays that have been long out of print, such as Shtern’s assessment of Byron (1924). Copies of the original publications of articles and poems by Shtern are still being sought, and any assistance will be publicly acknowledged.

Your commentary, in Yiddish or any other language, is invited for the About Shtern section of the site (for an example, please see the article in Yiddish by Zackary Sholem Berger on Springtime in the Hospital).

Your comments are welcomed and can be addressed to

Andrew Firestone,


The Yisroel Shtern Project



Khosheve fraint.

Der Oystralisher Tsenter far Shtudies fun der Yiddisher Tsivilizatsye baim Monash Universitet in Melbourne meldet mit fargenign, az der ptroyekt fun aroifnemen di shafungen fun Yisroel Shtern oif der internet hot gemakht groise forshritn un men ken gefinen di verk oif dem folgndn adres: www.yisroelshtern.org Bitte git tsu visn vegn dem ale ayere meglekhe kontaktn.

Yisroel Shtern iz geven ainer fun di onerkente Yiddishe dikhter in far-melkhomedikn Varshe. A dank di gelungene iberzetsungen fun di haintike iberzetsers iber der gorer velt, iz haint meglekh tsu leyenen zaine shafungen in der englisher shprakh.

Zain ershte, opgedrukte poeme shrait in der nakht vos iz deshinen in 1919 iz gevorn ibergezetst durkh Miriam Koral mit a sakh farshtendenish far dem verk.

Men ken oikh gefinen a tif durkhgetrakhte un fain oisgefirte iberzetsung fun Shterns esay “Kroinen tsum kop fun yidisher kritik” ibergezetst durkh Jon Levitow, baglait mit komentarn fun dem iberzetser. An oisfirlekhe onvaizung vegn dem verk iz gegebn vi a tsugob tsu der iberzetsung. Vayterdike iberzetsungen fun zaine verk veln dershainen in di kumendike khadoshim (fun Sholem Berger, Arnie Goldman, Beni Gothajner, Miryam Leberstein and Renata Singer).

Mir zenen shtark farinteresirt in oisgefinen originaln oder kopyes fun nokh nisht dershinene shafungen fun Yisroel Shtern tsu dergentsn undzer arbet.

Bitte shikt ayere komentarn tsum redaktor fun Yisroel Shtern Proyekt,

Andrew Firestone, afire@tpg.com.au