Yiddish and Hebrew

SEMESTER!SERIESThe Yiddish Language and Culture Program offers undergraduate language training, scholarships for overseas intensive study, postgraduate supervision, and an annual Kronhill Visiting Scholar in Yiddish Culture. A prime feature of the program is the research conducted by ACJC scholars on the history of Yiddish Melbourne. For further information about Yiddish language study contact the convenor, Hinde Ena Burstin. The ACJC also offers the Dalia Pizmony Hebrew Language Program incorporating a Biblical Hebrew study group and scholarships for Hebrew language intensives in Israel. Contact the Dalia Pizmony Biblical Hebrew instructor, Rina Lahav.

Minor in Jewish studies: Yiddish language stream

Students studying a minor in Jewish studies, Yiddish language stream must complete four units (24 points) from the list below:

  • ATS1336 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1A
  • ATS1337 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1B
  • ATS2795 Yiddish language, culture and literature 2A
  • ATS2796 Yiddish language, culture and literature 2B
  • ATS3814 Yiddish language, culture and literature 3A
  • ATS3815 Yiddish language, culture and literature 3B


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