International Exchange Scholarships

The Lorelle and Tom Krulis Exchange Scholarship in Jewish Studies ($2000) supports a student who has been accepted for a semester of study at one of Monash’s partner exchange universities. The recipients of this scholarship must have completed 12 points of Jewish studies toward a Minor in Jewish Studies. The scholarship is to support a student undertaking a further 12 points of equivalent credit in Jewish studies offered by the overseas institution toward completing the Monash Minor in Jewish studies. Accreditation beyond the Jewish Studies Minor may also be given to Arts elective subjects. Scholarships are regulated through the Monash Coursework Scholarships Unit

For further information about Exchange programs and partner universities consult the Monash Arts Exchange website or contact the Arts coordinator

 All Monash students can incorporate a semester (or two) of study at an overseas university as part of their academic program. Most students who participate in the International Exchange program receive a grant from Monash International to assist them financially.

You can choose to go to any of the universities listed as Partner Institutions, but students sometimes find it difficult selecting a university overseas where they can take Jewish Studies options during their Exchange semester(s).

To simplify matters, we have identified a range of suitable partner institutions overseas where you can take Jewish Studies options. These are institutions that Jewish Studies staff from Monash have contacted to discuss exchange opportunities. In some cases we have also visited these institutions.

These institutions and programs are:



Please contact Monash Studies Abroad with any queries.