Rwanda Cinema Centre Internship







Rwanda Cinema Centre

Internship Description – Dec 2017/Jan/Feb 2018
Applications close: December 5 th , 2017

The Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) is a community-based organization established in 2003. The RCC’s goal is to develop an alternative sector in Rwanda’s economy. This is done by creating a space equipped with audiovisual and human resources.

The facilities boast high quality technology to advance film industry ideas, products and services. The RCC intends to encourage policy makers and partners in development to participate in the Centre’s mission by supporting the emerging film industry in Rwanda. The RCC has produced its own films and developed skills to enable a culture of self-employment to take root with those whom it has trained. Its goal is to provide training in all skills related to audiovisual fields and filmmaking.

The RCC’s approach is already being adapted in Uganda and Kenya with our advice and participation. Using the principle of learning by doing, the Centre offers its training through local personnel who have undergone rigorous training and who contribute frequently to workshops and productions in the region. The pool of trained personnel is
constantly growing, with some already attached to international production houses and offering their skills in specific areas of needs.

The Intern will be responsible for programming and creative marketing at the Rwanda Cinema Centre. During his or her time here, the intern will help plan our film festival extension screenings. The Rwanda Cinema Centre runs twice monthly screening at our offices and at Brioche Café. Brioche Café screenings take place on the third Wednesday of each month and screenings at Kwetu Film Institute (official offices of the Rwanda Cinema
Centre) take place on the first Wednesday of each month. The intern will help select the films for these screenings, and work to promote them screenings on social media and on other selected platforms.

The intern will also be responsible for working with Kiseki Restaurant, where we run screenings each Saturday. Again, he or she will plan and oversee the logistics of these screenings with our partners at Kiseki. He or she will also work to help the team with the rural screening we run in partnership with Tigo Rwanda.

In addition to planning with these events, the intern will write a weekly blog post about his or her experiences, providing a behind the scenes look at film and the arts in Rwanda.
Finally, he or she may be asked to take on office tasks as needed. Of course, as stated in the Monash University program, the student will conduct independent research on the subject of his or her choice.

Responsibilities Include:
 Plan and promote a film screenings at the Kwetu Film Institute on the first Wednesday of the month.
 Plan and promote a film screenings at Brioche on the third Wednesday of the moth.
 Plan and promote and Saturday screening at Kiseki restaurant
 Aid in rural screenings sponsored by Tigo Rwanda
 Promote all activities on social media, and work to our expand social media presence, in specific relation to
events and screenings.
 Write a weekly blog on work at Kwetu in order to further promote the institution.
 Aid in any office tasks as needed.

 Conduct independent research on a subject of the intern’s choice .
 Enrolment in a graduate-level university program
 Proven interest in film
 Must have expertise in all MS Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access). Working
knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop a plus.
 Excellent written and oral communication, research and writing skills.
 Willingness to learn in a fast-paced environment and an eagerness to complete all assigned tasks.
 Highly flexible, and willing to take on new tasks on short notice
 Ability to take direction well and work independently.
 Ability to manage time effectively
 Attention to detail and precision is a necessity.
 Technical skills are a plus, but certainly not required.