PhD Students

Postgraduate students undertaking a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) can find supervision through the ACJC, History, Philosophy, Religion and Theology, or any other discipline. Students work in a variety of fields and disciplines that reflect on the main areas of teaching and research covered by the ACJC.


  • Kay Dreyfus, Silences and Secrets: The Australian Experience of the Weintraub Syncopators (A . Markus, A. Thomson)
  • Melanie Landau, The idea of acquisition in traditional Jewish marriage
  • Keren Rubinstein, ‘Concrete Dreaming; National Subjects and Narrative Disruption in Contemporary Israeli Autobiography (L. Garret, B. Caine, F. Oz Salzberger
  • David Slucki, The Jewish Labor Bund after 1945: a comparative history (A. Markus, L. Garrett)
  • Margie Taft, From victim to survivor: the emergence and development of the Holocaust witness 1941-1949 (A. Markus)
  • Michael Cohen, Anatomy of South African Antisemitism: Afrikaner nationalism and South African Jewry Between the World Wars (A. Markus)
  • Miriam Feldheim, Reform Judaism in Israel: a study in religion and democracy (A. Markus, M. Baker)
  • Anita Frayman, Cultural approaches towards ageing: Jewish community trends (A. Markus)


  • Annabelle Baldwin, Sexual Violence against Jewish women during the Holocaust in the Shoah Foundation Institute’s Visual History Archive (L. Garrett, A. Thomson)
  • Miriam Benedikt, Rabbinic encounter with patristic literature in the anthology of Midrash Psalms: polemic or cultural poetics? (M. Fagenblat, P. Howard)
  • Enid Hinde Burstin, Taking a Stanza: Gender, Power, Equality and Justice in Inter-war Yiddish Poetry by Women, (Dr Irena Klepfisz, R. Wilson).
  • Jonathan Landes, The Palestine Commission of Disturbances of August 1929 (A. Markus)
  • Catherine Pearce, The Politics of Kashrut in Melbourne (A. Markus M. Fagenblat)
  • Ran Porat, The Israeli Community in Australia (A. Markus, F. Oz-Salzberger)