Postgraduate Studies

Our postgraduate research students are an integral part of the life of our Centre. Research degrees are awarded by the Faculty of Arts. Most research students are enrolled in a PhD or Masters program.

A range of Research Scholarships are available. More information can be found on the Arts Postgraduate Research ScholarshipsMonash Research Graduate School and ACJC scholarships pages.

The ACJC has expertise in a range of study areas for thesis supervision. Our research clusters are focused around the following themes.

Go to the ACJC Research Supervision to further explore these areas of concentration.

Research pathways

The following degrees provide the pathways for further postgraduate research. Eligibility requirements vary depending on prior degrees. For further information about your eligibility and status, contact SOPHIS

Honours offered within ACJC
Postgraduate Diploma of Arts
Masters of Arts by Research and Coursework 
Masters of Arts by Research

Postgraduate Units

ATS4302/APG5302 Interpreting the Bible: Jewish and Christian perspectives
ATS4289/APG5289 Medieval dialogues: reason, mysticism and society
ATS4293/APG5293 Genocidal thought
APG4290/APG5290 Holocaust Memories — Landscape, Mourning, Identity
APG4318 Jewish Literature of Destruction
ATS4314 Seeking Justice: South Africa and Rwanda
ATS4286/APG4286 Final Journey: Remembering the Holocaust
ATS4287/APG4287 War and Peace: Models of Conflict Resolution

Research Supervision

Jewish Studies

  • Jewish philosophy
  • Rabbinic culture and texts
  • Levinas
  • Kabbalah and the Zohar
  • Maimonides
  • Gender and Jewish law
  • Australian Jewish society
  • Comparative Diasporas
  • Models of Jewish Identity
  • Jewish sociology and demography
  • Social cohesion
  • Yiddish culture and language
  • American Jewish literature
  • Immigrant literature
  • Jewish ethnography
  • Modern Jewish history

Holocaust and Genocide

  • Aftermath of genocide
  • Memory and Testimony
  • Holocaust survivors
  • Comparative genocide
  • Rwanda
  • Visual histories
  • Models of Reconciliation
  • Transitional justice

Israel and the Middle East

  • Israeli society
  • Arab-Israel conflict
  • Peace-building and conflict resolution

Interreligious Studies

  • Jewish, Christian, Muslim relations
  • Religion and Peace
  • Interreligious relations in the 21st Century
  • Religion and gender
  • Medieval philosophy
  • Scriptural reasoning
  • Conflict Resolution and reconciliation

Research Supervisors

Professor Andrew Markus

Western frameworks for understanding of the Middle East; the structure of racial thought – and the nature of variations within racial thought; demographic and attitudinal change within Melbourne’s Jewish community; the utilisation and impact of electronic resources on teaching practices and outcomes in the humanities and social sciences.

Professor Leah Garrett

Jewish literature, 19th and 20th century Jewish Culture, American Jewish History, Yiddish literature and history literature, 20th century American literature.

Associate Professor Mark Baker

Holocaust, genocide, Rwanda, Arab-Israel conflict, modern Jewish history, East European Jewish history, Polish-Jewish relations.

Scholarships and prizes

Each year, the ACJC awards a number of scholarship and prizes to students enrolled in its courses and units.

Before inquiring about these scholarships, you should inquire about available government and Monash scholarships. Go to and MRGS.