New Biblical Hebrew Reading Group

Have you ever wanted to learn Biblical Hebrew but didn’t know where to start? Have you studied this remarkable language and would like to further your skills by attending collaborative reading circles? Would you like to unravel the historical, poetic and theological secrets of the Hebrew Bible through close analysis of the text in its original language? Monash’s School of Philosophical, Historical & International Studies and the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation are pleased to announce a new weekly program at the Clayton campus. It is hoped that this program will complement the successful and well attended Latin instruction and seminars held on Fridays.

Joshua 1 from the Aleppo Codex (Image credit: wikimedia commons)
Joshua 1 from the Aleppo Codex (Image credit: wikimedia commons)

From 2-3 each Friday there will be formal language instruction to help beginners develop a working knowledge of the language. Those with intermediate abilities are sure to benefit from this ‘refresher course’ as well. Following these sessions, a reading circle will gather to translate and analyse key texts, beginning with the book of Genesis (Bereshit). Attendees will be invited to bring in texts that they are working on or have a particular interest in. These sessions will be useful for beginner, intermediate and expert language abilities and aim to provide a supportive hub for students and staff to share interests, insight and resources.

Sessions are held on Clayton campus on Fridays, 2-4 pm Clayton campus, Building 11A, room S614. All students and staff who are interested in joining this program should come to this session so that we can gauge the levels of interest and field any enquiries. Please also send a brief email indicating your interest to: and we will keep you up to date with any relevant information. Please share this information with any colleagues who may benefit from attendance.

Tom Hull & Rina Lahav