Kronhill Program in Yiddish Language and Culture

 The ACJC offers an undergraduate language program in Yiddish for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Students may also wish to undertake a period of intensive language study abroad for which scholarships are available through the Ryvka & Mordechai Lewin Memorial Yiddish Travel Scholarship.

The ACJC supports programs in the study of Yiddish. Enquiries about language sequences should be directed to Hinde Burstin.

Undergraduate Units

  • ATS1336 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1A
  • ATS1337 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1B
  • ATS2795 Yiddish language, culture and literature 2A
  • ATS2796 Yiddish language, culture and literature 2B
  • ATS3814 Yiddish language, culture and literature 3A
  • ATS3815 Yiddish language, culture and literature 3B

The ACJC also supervises research students in various specialty areas relating to Yiddish culture. The language and culture program is led by Hinde Ena Burstin and Bobbi Zylberman. The program is supported through the research and teaching of Professor Leah Garrett and Professor Andrew Markus.

Yiddish culture research projects

Yiddish Melbourne (led by Professor Andrew Markus through an ARC grant)
Yisroel Shtern Project (led by Andrew Firestone)
The Yossel Birstein Project (led by Andrew Firestone)

For all enquiries about coursework or research in this area, please contact or contact Hinde Burstin.