Jewish studies

047aJewish studies equips students with an understanding of Jewish civilisation in its many aspects – language and literature, history, theology, philosophy, rabbinics, law, politics and sociology. The two required units provide students with an understanding of the foundations of Jewish history, followed by more specialised electives across a diverse range of disciplines and areas of study. The minor offers several overseas units based at the Monash Prato Centre in Italy. Students may also undertake a minor in the Yiddish language stream.

Minor in Jewish studies

Students studying a minor in Jewish studies must complete four units (24 points), including: (a.) two required units (12 points):

(b.) one elective unit from List A (6 points) (c.) one elective unit from List A or List B (6 points)

Elective units

List A
  • ATS2185 Biblical texts and contexts
  • ATS2600 The Holocaust
  • ATS3284 Final journey: Remembering the Holocaust*
  • ATS3287 War and peace: Models of conflict resolution*
  • ATS3582 Arab-Israeli conflict
  • ATS3599 Modern Israel: History, politics and society
  • ATS3611 Imagining God: The mystic quest in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
List B
  • ATS2057 Genocide
  • ATS2610 Ancient religions
  • ATS3314 Seeking justice: South Africa and Rwanda**
  • ATS3580 The modern Middle East
  • ATS3583 The Holocaust in film
  • ATS3608 Myth and meaning in ancient worlds
  • ATS3632 Post-conflict: Justice, memory, reconciliation
  • ATS3956 Trauma and memory in the modern world