Jewish History and Culture

The ACJC offers studies in the literature, theology, philosophy, history and culture of Jews at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. As well as developing specialised knowledge of Judaism and Jewish history, the program trains students in the skills of critical inquiry and research.

Areas covered in Jewish studies include:

  • Bible and Classical Jewish Texts
  • Jewish Literatures and Cultures
  • Judaism and Jewish Philosophy
  • Jewish History (Ancient, Medieval, Contemporary)
  • Israel and Middle East
  • Holocaust and Genocide
  • Interreligious Relations
  • Yiddish Language and Culture


All areas of study information should be read in conjunction with the relevant course entry in the Handbook.


First-year level

Students studying a sequence in Jewish civilisation must complete two units (12 points) from the following:

  • ATS1322 Conflict and coexistence: Jews, Christians, Muslims
  • ATS1323 The Bible as history
  • ATS1336 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1A
  • ATS1337 Yiddish language, culture and literature 1B
  • ATS1040 Religions and the modern world
  • ATS1041 World religions

Second/Third-year level

Students studying a minor or major in Jewish civilisation must have completed the first-year sequence. In addition:

  • a minor requires completion of a further two units (12 points) from the units listed below
  • a major requires completion of a further six units (36 points) from the units listed below. A minimum of three units must be taken at third-year level.

Units include:

* This unit is taught overseas.


Students are required to complete 48 points of study comprising a thesis, a compulsory seminar and two coursework units. The coursework units and the thesis topic are chosen in consultation with the Jewish civilisation honours coordinator,  Dr Daniella Doron


Students complete one of the following options:

  • ATS4003 SOPHIS honours thesis (24 points)
  • ATS4004 SOPHIS honours thesis A (12 points) and ATS4005 SOPHIS honours thesis B (12 points)

Coursework units

Students complete two of the following units:

  • APG4314 Seeking justice: South Africa and Rwanda *
  • ATS4286 Final journey: Remembering the Holocaust *
  • ATS4287 War and peace: Models of conflict resolution *
  • ATS4289 Medieval dialogues: Reason, mysticism and society
  • ATS4290 Holocaust memories: Landscape, mourning, identity
  • ATS4293 Genocidal thought
  • ATS4302 Interpreting the Bible: Jewish and Christian perspectives

* This unit requires travel overseas

Postgraduate Degrees

Master of Applied History (Holocaust and Genocide Studies) –  flier [pdf 1.24MB]
Master of Arts (Research 100%)
Master of Arts by Coursework and Research (through a discipline approved by the Arts Faculty)
Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Research)