James Johnathon Barklamb, CNLG, Rwanda

"The opportunity to intern in Rwanda’s Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) has been the most intellectually challenging and academically rewarding experience of my time as a Monash University student. Our time under the direction of Dr. Jean-Damascene Gasanabo was incredibly instructive because of the incredible insight we were afforded into the high-level debates which inform Rwandan policy-making. 

For me, the value of our experience was not simply that it enabled a deeper understanding of Rwanda’s post-genocide development, but, in opening to us the opportunity to engage both personally and academically with Rwandans who had borne the horrific consequences of genocide, we were able to root the academic intangibles of genocide theory in a personal, formative experience."

- James Barklamb

Visit the website: National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide 

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