ACJC Adjuncts

ACJC Adjuncts are researchers who have been appointed to the ACJC. They contribute to the intellectual life of the Centre and support our research environment. Some Adjuncts are available for co-supervision of student dissertations.

Dr Miriam Munz +61 3 9903 5004 Yiddish Melbourne
Dr Michael Fagenblat   Jewish philosophy
Dr Anne Gardner Hebrew Bible, Ancient Israel
Dr Melanie Landau Jewish texts
Prof Bernard Rechter
Dr Shimon Cowen   Jewish philosophy, religious ethics
Mr Saul Bastomsky Ancient Israel and Greece
Dr Helen Light Archaeology
Dr Ann Mitchell Sir John Monash
Dr Claudia Prestel Modern Jewish history
Dr Chanan Reich Modern Israel
Dr David Mittelberg  Jewish sociology
Dr Merav Carmeli Kabbalah
Dr Andrew Firestone Yiddish Melbourne
Dr Rachel Birati Hebrew language
Mr Lionel Sharpe Jewish genealogy
Mr John Goldlust Jewish demography and population studies